Rarer (2021) Digital Download

RARER (2021) Digital Download

Andy's new compilation of hard-to-find and unreleased songs is available exclusively from this website and Bandcamp. Release is April 25 and you can pre-order here or https://andywhiteireland.bandcamp.com

When you order a Digital Download of the album we will send you a code to download it in the format of your choice, from MP3 to studio quality.

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RARER (2021) Digital Download

01 Man In The Middle GB-DQV-20-00021 Andy White
02 You And Your Upturned Face GB-DQV-20-00022 Andy White
03 Cigarette Smoke #29 GB-DQV-20-00023 Andy White
04 Freedom Marching GB-DQV-20-00024 Andy White
05 Don’t Be Afraid ’94 GB-DQV-20-00025 Andy White/Liam Ó Maonlaí
06 Baby You Can’t Go Wrong GB-DQV-20-00026 Andy White
07 Paris Song GB-DQV-20-00027 Andy White/Allison Russell
08 Canadian Greyhound GB-DQV-20-00028 Andy White
09 Think Of Me Like Summer GB-DQV-20-00029 Andy White/Stephen Fearing
10 Raspberry Beret GB-DQV-20-00030 Prince and the Revolution
11 Stay At Home GB-DQV-20-00002 Andy White
12 Up Down GB-DQV-20-00031 Andy White//Liam Ó Maonlaí
13 Ceasefire Serenade GB-DQV-20-00032 Andy White
14 Love Song GB-DQV-20-00033 Andy White
  1. Man In The Middle 
  2. You And Your Upturned Face 
  3. Cigarette Smoke #29 
  4. Freedom Marching 
  5. Don’t Be Afraid ’94 
  6. Baby You Can’t Go Wrong 
  7. Paris Song 
  8. Canadian Greyhound 
  9. Think Of Me Like Summer 
  10. Raspberry Beret 
  11. Stay At Home 
  12. Up Down 
  13. Ceasefire Serenade 
  14. Love Song