The Music of What Happens (1998) Book

The Music Of What Happens - Andy White - (1998) - Book - Andy's first book of poetry collects together poems written from his early childhood up until the year of publication, edited by Robert McLiam Wilson, and also includes lyrics from all his albums from 'Rave on' to 'Teenage'.

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Andy wrote his first poem aged nine and ever since has scribbled poems and songs and pieces of writing on anything he could lay his hands on. These pieces of paper, books, tickets and old tablecloths went into an old suitcase in the attic. A few years ago two novelist friends of Andy's persuaded him to empty the suitcase and sort out the writing. This is the result - his first collection of verse. As well as poetry, included in the book are the complete song lyrics from all of Andy's seven solo albums (up to and including Compilation and a selection of his drawings).

Andy held several poetry readings during the year of publication - in Galway at the literary festival Cuirt, in Glasgow where Small boy asks Christine for a light was the Poem On The Underground for the month of June, and in Belfast at OMAC.

Ten of the poems from 'The Music of What Happens' were included in 'Magnetic North' (Verbal Arts Centre Press, 2006).

Fourteen of the poems from 'The Music of What Happens' were  in the major anthology of modern Northern Irish poetry, 'New North' (Wake Forest University Press, 2008), alongside work by Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney and Michael Longley.