Studio Albums 1986–2016 (2016) 12 x CD

12 CD box set of Andy White's first twelve studio albums. Each album is remastered and the sleeves redesigned as miniature LP covers. The beautifully-designed box includes an 80-page book with rare photos and Andy's story of how the albums were recorded.

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Studio Albums 1986–2016 - Andy White (2016) - 12 x CD

Andy White's box set of the first twelve studio albums, from Rave on to Imaginary Lovers. Each album has been remastered and the sleeves redesigned as miniature record covers. The beautifully-designed box includes an 80-page book with rare photos and Andy's specially-written description of how the albums were recorded.Each box set will be delivered individually by courier.

Postage! This box set is sent by courier.

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You can order up to four copies of the box set in one order if they are going to the same address. If they are going to different addresses, please make a new order for each one. Again, postal charges are unaffected.

Please email with any questions.

The albums are as follows, the tracklist of each one is as per the original UK release: 

1. Rave On Andy White

2. Kiss The Big Stone

3. Himself

4. Out There

5. Destination Beautiful

6. Teenage

7. Andy White

8. Boy 40

9. Garageband

10. Songwriter

11. How Things Are

12. Imaginary Lovers


Album by album, with tracklist:


1. Rave On Andy White 

The Soldier’s Sash

Vision Of You

Reality Row

I Will Wait

Things Start To Unwind

Religious Persuasion

Tuesday Apocalypse #13

Rembrandt Hat

The Walking Wounded

The Big Rain


2. Kiss The Big Stone

Come Down To The Sea


Broken Hearted

Tower Of Babel Time

You And Your Blue Skies

Here Come The Girls

Go Tell Susanne

Hanging Around Wit’ You

Born To Be With You

West Wind Blues

Come Down To The Sea (Reprise)


3. Himself

In A Groovy Kind Of Way

1000000 Miles

Six String Street


Just Jumped Out Of A Tree

20 Years

The Guildford Four

The Pale Moonlight

Birds Of Passage

St Patrick Good Luck


The Whole Love Story



4. Out There

Palaceful Of Noise   

Where’s My Home 

The Colour Of Love

Waiting For The 39

La Rue Beaurepaire


Berlin 6am

James Joyce’s Grave

One Last Kiss           

Na Na Na Na


5. Destination Beautiful

Street Scenes From My Heart

Thinking Of Change


Many’s The Time

Punks Outside The Secret Police

She Doesn’t Want You Any More

Learning To Cry

He’s Out There

Ciao Baby

Looking For Friends

I Couldn’t Leave You

The Government Of Love


6. Teenage

Acoustic Guitar

Get Back Home

All Of The Things I Can Bring

If You Don’t Know By Now

It’s Gonna Be Like This All The Time


Because She Loves It

Don’t Be Afraid

My Gay Cousin

Between A Man And A Woman

I Couldn’t Do It Without You

It’s Gonna Be Like This In The Rain

Whole Thing


7. Andy White

Let Me Be Free


Come With Me

I Want It Straight

Little Boy

Jesus In A Cadillac

Deeper Water




What About You Babe

The Very Thing

Coz I’m Free


8. Boy 40

Tell Me Why


Twelfth Of July

Italian Girls On Mopeds

Can’t Hold Back

The Fortune Teller's Right

When Will You Learn

The Pain Behind Your Heart

Hunger For Your Love


If I Catch You Crying

Everything You’ve Got

Morning Star

Trying To See God


9. Garageband

First She Said Stop

 The Capital Of Now

 I Got A Number Off You

 You Walked Back Into My Heart

Message To You

Waiting For Someone

You’ve Got It All Worked Out

A Long Time Coming

No Way Out 

Live To Fail (Lift The Veil)

Letter From T/Don't Choose The Wrong Way

Samuel Beckett

Gallery Girls  

In A Garage


10. Songwriter

The Valley Of My Heart

If You Want It

I Believe

Turn Up The Temperature On The Machine Of Love

Candlestick Park

When You Gonna Come

First And Discovery

Start All Over Again

Why Don't You Stay

Faithful Heart 


When I Come Back

Now It's Over           

Twelve String Man


11. How Things Are


Separation Street

You Got Me At Hello

Band Of Gold

Jessica Says

All It Does Is Rain

Everyone’s In Love

Shakespeare Take My Hand

Closest Thing To Heaven


Picture Of You



12. Imaginary Lovers

Half-Time For You And I

The Girl From The Twilight Hotel

Rewriting The Rules Of Beauty     

Anywhere With You Babe

Every Time I Look Around

Sideways No Shadow


The Only Thing Missing Here Is You

And I Want You

You Mean Everything To Me

Lonely International Guy

Everybody Wants Somebody