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Year: 2006
Label: ALT Recordings/Floating World


Recorded in Melbourne and Real World Studios, mixed by John Leckie in Italy. Features ‘Message To You’ and ‘A Long Time Coming’, plus the epic ‘Letter From T/Don’t Choose The Wrong Way’.

Garageband is also available as part of Andy’s Studio Albums 1986–2016 twelve-album box set, available through our web store.

“I started writing garageband songs in melbourne, june 05/ brought the songs to real world in england, then back to australia. mixed in italy, the album came together fearless with first thought best thought on the wings of romance/ pointless war/ far off home country/ hurricanes and beauty all around. garageband 06 | hope you dig it

I can tell you how the album happened – you can tell me what it means. I couldn’t have done it without my garageband friends. for which, much love and thanks. especially jonathan beckitt, john leckie, simon polinski, radoslav lorkovic, liam bradley, antony floyd, monique brumby, kerrie simpson, kylie auldist, nichaud fitzgibbon, torri higginson, chris scallan, hansjürg meier, stefano ricco’, luciano & marco ligabue, vito bottalico, gianni campovecci, misha & the whites. special thanks from the website for album cover photography and design to hester doove and marcel schwarz

song 1 was something else/ wind blowing up from the gully outside/ sat down stood up again/ pulled out my 6 string/ coffee blasted having fun making music on a cold winter afternoon in australia/ it was a celtic wind somewhere far off blowing/ album started without me knowing it did/ june 2005 chasing a dream/ first she said stop/ then she said go …

song 2 arrives like a train moving through a familiar foreign land/ childhood comes flashing round the corner/ you recognize something as it passes then speeds away/ london and europe/ places I love feel different now. we recorded this song with bass pedals from my teenage years at real world/ people came from miles around just to see them

song 3 takes place in an alley/ two chords with a third one sneaking in for a late breakfast/ toast and coffee to try to feel a little better the morning after/ you are listening to australian girls having fun/ you are swinging through the streets/ listening to rad doing his thing.a romantic tale with a twist in the telling/ it’s mary and sally and a phone number on a back pocket piece of paper

song 4 time is here/ writing with the evening drawing in lights coming on/ this is not random it’s first thought focussed/ a story in search of a mighty big riff/ this feeling of walking home at night on the seashore with songs in my head/ music brings you together/ full on romance could make an old man mad and drive a young mad sane/ the choice is yours

song 5 in july 05. live 8 on the tv upstairs and a very long way off in mind. australia felt like the other side of the world/ lazy politics no protest. bob and bono two irishmen taking on the world with their talent & intelligence. this is my message for today/ I remember macca in front of the moving sgt pepper cover john/ thinking he would have dug that day. recorded with love and backwards aubergine girls/ singing loud

song 6 is all about waiting. and the bass. the strings are on your computer. played in an orchestra when I was young/ sometimes it felt like this/ deep groove for someone very close/ made deeper by simon when we recorded/ monique steps out to take the lead/ fine & feminine/ waiting/ had enough of this had enough of that/ believe me it’s all about the bass

song 7 came beaming down during hot summer sessions in melbourne/ driving home with the welcome cool of a night breeze coming in the car window/ threat of fire never far off. stopped in the trees to listen to the moon, the stars/ window in imagination memory opened/ something about the smell of fire/ words recorded the next dog day afternoon by the bay/ the real bay

song 8 got all of dublin in a whirl/ just like david bowie/ in the most beautiful irish city lived in a bohemian house/ wrote argued played laughed stayed up late woke up later did it again/ the boys are back & the girls glide around in cars they borrowed for the weekend. the celtic tiger roared everyone went separate ways/ inevitable sad/ still sit & think about it

song 9 when I wrote this I knew there was no way out of recording the album I wanted to/ this is it/ you’re staring at supermarket magazines thinking about the bible/ you think you notice johnny depp’s not looking so good/ musing in the mirror he’s watching catwoman turn white/ you remind me of my self/ when I wanted to be someone else/ he murmurs sadly/ sweetly

song 10 and the autumn’s drifting down like the leaves in the drive, red brown and yellow/ evening’s getting earlier/ city lights point the way to the horizon/ hey this song just went down straight/ listen to what I’m saying you might miss something is the attitude. it’s a slow build/ that’s life I am talking about

song 11 arrived later than the others/ after new orleans went down felt the earth hitting back/ found the sounds and the words/ torri read the letter in vancouver rad’s piano is from alaska/ finished in italy/ john mixing each phrase with a loving care comes from many years of giving loving care

song 12 samuel beckett/ seamus heaney/ oscar wilde/ gay byrne. one of these people hosted a popular chat show in ireland. took out this song at 4 on the final day of mixing, the party was at 8. wine poured the songs played fortissimo. the electric, tubular bells, glockenspiel all in the right place/ art not syndromes for prescription/ lay off writers/ some of all we have got

song 13 winter in full swing/ on brunswick street and high street/ wherever there are prints on white walls there they will be/ gallery girls rule O K/ all paintings have a story

song 14

that’s the way
the whole thing goes/
have a good time
let everyone know/
just how much you love them …”