21st Century Troubadour

Andy White
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Year: 2009
Publisher: Lagan Press

’21st Century Troubadour’ is Andy White’s on the road tour journal slash novel. More ‘present tense’ than a memoir, and certainly not an autobiography, the book gives a real insight into White’s travels and experiences of touring the world over the last eight years.

Says White; “You won’t find out about my family, growing up, or why Johnny Depp once bought me a beer – but there are flashes from hotel rooms, departure lounges, and backstage bars. The interesting stuff, where the ‘on the road’ real-life glamour reveals itself – driving through boarded-up streets into Liverpool city centre as the sun is going down, negotiating a Tokyo set list with a Japanese shirt committee.”

As well as compelling story-telling, there are lists, poems and advice on topics such as how to check-in luggage on budget airlines without paying excess fees, and how to employ the correct hand signals when driving in Italy – to let the guy in the Audi cutting you up in the fast lane know exactly what you think of him. If you like Andy’s work, you’ll love this book.

’21st Century Troubadour’ is available in the online store.