Stolen Moments

Andy White
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Year: 2011
Publisher: Another Lost Shark Press

‘Stolen Moments’ is Andy White’s second book of poetry.

Says White; “I’ve always written poems in Brisbane. Every time I’ve been there it’s all been about rain and poetry, so when Another Lost Shark Press asked me for a slim volume’s worth of poems, I had my theme ready-made.

I looked through my notes and little black books and made a selection from the poems I’d written in or around Brisbane. You’re thinking I should be talking about London or Paris. Yes, but spare a thought for cities off some kind of cultural beaten track but where great writing thrives. Have a look at an interview I did with Graham from Another Lost Shark, which explains this more fully.

‘Stolen Moments’ is only available in Australia, but it’s easy to order it directly from our online store here.