Good Luck I Hope You Make It

Andy White Buy Now
Year: 2024
Label: ALT Recordings


  1. The Revolution
  2. Password of the Beast
  3. Ghost Writer
  4. The Day You Were Bomb
  5. Bass Priority
  6. Cake Yo Me
  7. Self-isolation
  8. Best of Times
  9. Book of Poems
  10. Light Comes In
  11. Good Luck I Hope You Make It
  12. Talk Don’t Touch

* ‘Good Luck I Hope You Make It’ releases January 5, 2024. Pre-order starts December 1, and we’ll post it in time for Christmas if you order now. *

You could call ‘Good Luck I Hope You Make It’ Andy’s first spoken word album, but his versifying comes with funky bass playing and breakbeats. It’s all about the vibe and the words. He wrote it in lockdown, raging, laughing, going crazy about what was going on and what was not going on.

“I went back to my roots, reading Jack Kerouac, listening to John Cooper Clarke, Bob Dylan and early Hip Hop. Before ‘Rave on’ I read poems with a drum machine and that’s where this album started. I downloaded breakbeats, played bass like when I was a teenager, scribbled lyrics in notebooks and freestyled on the mic. I was thinking about Belfast, texting friends, watching the clown show of UK politics and checking Patti Smith’s Instagram. Walking half an hour a day on ancient stolen land, unaccompanied. Something special came out of all of that. Dig it!”

Recorded in Melbourne, mixed in Calgary and mastered in Los Angeles by the ‘This garden’ team, Andy thinks he has made a version of Hip Hop with its heart firmly located in Ireland. The groove is the rhythm of the words, and the chaos surprises. Good luck, I hope you make it.