Imaginary Lovers

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Year: 2016
Label: Floating World Records


Imaginary Lovers is, literally and thematically, the follow-up to Andy’s 2014 album How Things Are.

The final part of the recently released twelve album box set, and originally planned to be on sale as a single CD only on the 2016 UK tour, we’ve had so many requests from people who’ve already got albums 1–11 that we’re releasing it on its own.

Recorded during and after the How Things Are sessions, with Sebastian White on drums and one-woman orchestra Domini Forster, Imaginary Lovers is made up of twelve new songs filled with Andy’s trademark wit, passion and emotion.

It’s rough and live, less polished and more carefree than its predecessor, which was greeted on release in 2014 as a career highlight. There are many links between the two albums, and Imaginary Lovers’ edgier attitude and alternately quieter and crazier moments suit Andy’s peripatetic adventures perfectly.

“Looking out of half-open hotel windows and talking in the dark. Walking with a red guitar case, hemispherically-challenged, I was pulled close and pushed away at home and abroad, and came out of the whole turbulent, exciting mess with twelve songs demanding to be finished and recorded. When you least expect it, that’s when imaginary lovers arrive”.

  1. Half-Time For You And I
  2. The Girl From The Twilight Hotel
  3. Rewriting The Rules Of Beauty
  4. Anywhere With You Babe
  5. Every Time I Look Around
  6. Sideways No Shadow
  7. Nonchalant
  8. The Only Thing Missing Here Is You
  9. And I Want You
  10. You Mean Everything To Me
  11. Lonely International Guy
  12. Everybody Wants Somebody