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Year: 1999/2005
Label: ALT Recordings


Compilation of rarities, B sides, out-takes and live recordings unavailable elsewhere. Essential for the completist. Available in two editions—the original digipack (cardboard foldout sleeve), or in a jewel case with three extra songs.


  1. In Fairness Boss
  2. Bobby Moore
  3. Here Come The Girls
  4. 2nd Class Deliverance
  5. Religious Persuasion
  6. The Walking Wounded
  7. She’ll Get Over Loving You
  8. Cry Baby Cry
  9. There Were Roses
  10. Marion Girl
  11. Crazy Stuff
  12. A Girl I Once Knew Now Invisible
  13. Because She Loves It
  14. Hysteria or I Wouldn’t lie For You *
  15. Cinnamon Sofa
  16. Six String Street 30 Mph
  17. Some Of The Things I Can Bring
  18. Blue You (ALT)*
  19. The Celtic Tiger Roars*

As long as stocks last, by default we send you the 2005 edition with extra songs marked *

Song by song by song

In Fairness Boss
Released in Ireland as the b side of Palaceful Of Noise, the first single from Out There. One of Andy’s favourite recordings, it features Brendan McGarrity on drums and vocals, Rod McVey on piano and hammond, Mudd Wallace on electric guitar. Rod and Andy produced at Homestead Studios, Randalstown, Northern Ireland in October 1991

Bobby Moore
Recorded in June 1993 at the Destination Beautiful sessions, previously unreleased. This song was written just as John Major’s ‘back to basics’ campaign floundered in the mire of Tory sleaze. Andy produced, Mudd Wallace engineered at Homestead

Here Come The Girls
Originally released in 1986, this is a new version recorded in July 1999 with Kieran Kennedy on electric guitar, Stefan Peterer on drums and Fredy Stieger on bass. Kieran and Andy produced, Johannes Eberhard engineered at Studjo in Altstätten, Switzerland.

2nd Class Deliverance
An unreleased track from ‘September Songs’, Andy’s demos for ‘Out There’. This song was written by Andy and Jon Moorhead one late night in Glasgow and recorded at Rod’s house in Holywood, Northern Ireland in September 1991.

Religious Persuasion
In April 1993 Andy was asked to do a version of his first single for an album called ‘Peace Together’. This mix is unreleased and features Andy and Rod with Sinéad O’Connor on vocals and Colm Ó Maonlaí on low whistle. It was recorded in STS Studios, Dublin, by Sean Devitt and produced by Rod and Andy

The Walking Wounded
This version of a song from Andy’s debut album ‘Rave On Andy White’ was recorded for Janice Long’s BBC Radio One programme in January 1986. It was originally released as an extra track on the 12 inch single of Reality Row. The session was produced By Barry Andrews in the BBC Studios, Maida Vale, London.

She’ll Get Over Loving You
Andy met Angela McCluskey at an Irish-American songwriters’ week in Clifden, County Galway, in November 1997. They wrote two songs together in a hotel bathroom and recorded them the same evening. Pearse Dunne engineered the session at the Abbeyglen Hotel.

Cry Baby Cry
Released in Ireland as the B-side of ‘Street Scenes From My My Heart’, the first single from ‘Destination Beautiful’. Album sessions over, Rod, Mudd And Andy would often unwind by listening to the White Album. This time they relaxed by – errr – recording one of their favourite songs from it! Can you can hear the magic numbers?

There Were Roses
One of the extra tracks on the 12” single of ‘Six String Street’. Written by Tommy Sands, this song tells a true story of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland, and its message resonates anywhere in the world where religious or racial intolerance is to be found. This BBC Northern Ireland concert recording is from June 1988 and features Rod, Peter O’Hanlon, James Blennerhassett, Enda Walsh and the remarkable and much-missed Dave Early.

Marion Girl
The extra track on a promotional 12” single of ‘Here Comes The Girls’ from Andy’s 1988 album ‘Kiss The Big Stone’. It’s one of a series of songs and poems which take place on the journey from Andy’s home city of Belfast to Dublin and back again. An important journey both practically and spiritually in Andy’s life.

Crazy Stuff
A demo of a new song by Andy and Kieran Kennedy, recorded in Altstätten, Switzerland, July 1999.

A Girl I Once Knew Now Invisible
Previously unreleased, this song was recorded in Rod’s house, January 1991. For one reason or another it never made it onto ‘Out There’, although the title turned up later in ‘Acoustic Guitar’.

Because She Loves It
Between playing WOMAD festivals in the UK and USA, July 1999, Andy was invited to Real World Studios to record live for three days. The resulting album ‘Speechless’ mixes musical and spoken word solo and group performances. Fresh from a London club date, Kieran, Davy Crichton on violin and Bronagh Gallagher on drums joined Andy in Box. This recording is an out-take from the sessions. Jacquie Turner engineered and Andy produced.

I Wouldn’t Lie For You
“In late 1997 Edoardo Bennato arrived in Dublin from Napoli. Soon afterwards, Peter Jenner called and asked if I would be able to use some studio time – Billy Bragg and Wilco had finished their session early. I called Liam Ó Maonlaí who in turn called Kieran. The three of us recorded this song – by Edo and I – at Totally Wired with Ivan O’Shea engineering. Dave Clarke is on drums and the mix is by John Leckie. We also recorded ‘Let Me Be Free’. It was a great week and turned out to be the start of the ‘Andy White’ album”.

Cinnamon Sofa
Released in Ireland as one of the extra tracks on the CD single of ‘Get Back Home’, this picture of real life was recorded at Ingmar Kiang’s house, Bray, Ireland.

Six String Street (30 mph)
Released on the B-side of ‘In A Groovy Kind Of Way’, the second single from ‘Himself’. A live recording at Homestead, this song leads us back to where Andy’s ‘Compilation’ album started off – driving the Northern highway with an acoustic guitar on the back seat.

Some Of The Things I Can Bring
An instrumental version of a ‘Teenage’ album track with Ingmar on electric guitar and Gary Sullivan on drums. Recorded at Sun studios in Dublin by Pat Donne and produced by Ingmar Kiang. Because sometimes some of the things is what you need most…

The Celtic Tiger Roars
“During the recording of ‘Andy White’ in Dublin, I would walk home along the quays every night. There and in the parks you could see the homeless, sheltering from the bitter winter wind. Hiding in the doorways of mobile phone shops, wrapping themselves in discarded computer boxes. On the radio every day, the corruption of modern Irish politics and the economic ‘success’ story of the country. This song was recorded at the very end of 1999, and I am still thinking of change …”