Andy White Buy Now
Year: 2021
Label: ALT Recordings


  1. Man in the Middle
  2. You and Your Upturned Face
  3. Cigarette Smoke #29
  4. Freedom Marching
  5. Don’t Be Afraid ’94
  6. Baby You Can’t Go Wrong
  7. Paris Song
  8. Canadian Greyhound
  9. Think Of Me Like Summer
  10. Raspberry Beret
  11. Stay At Home
  12. Up Down
  13. Ceasefire Serenade
  14. Love Song

Andy’s second collection of hard-to-find and unreleased songs, the long-awaited follow up to Rare contains 14 songs stretching from an unreleased track recorded in 1987 right up to the present day.

Six of the songs were released as the B-sides of singles only available in Ireland and the UK, three are from fanclub-only releases and there are five unreleased songs. All have been remastered for this compilation and there are links to videos in the tracklist above.

Rarer is available on CD and as a digital download and is exclusive to this website and Bandcamp. If you order a CD, Andy will be posting them so he can sign them if you request it. He writes,

“When Rare went online I listened to it again and liked the surprises it threw up, since the songs were not written or originally sequenced together. I went back to my quarter-inch tapes, cassettes, CD singles and digital files, knowing there were other songs you might not have heard, but together could tell their own story.

I found songs from the early days, including one from a recording session that took place after Rave On and before Kiss The Big Stone. There’s a live version of a Prince song which originally came out on the B-side of the In a Groovy Kind of Way. Another from the Out There demo session, written in Berlin at the same time as Berlin 6 a.m. There are songs from CD singles and fanclub albums you might not have heard, a 2020 lockdown track and two poems. The riff of Man in the Middle has been in my head since 2007.

After putting them together I realised that by taking care of our past we can tell a story for today. There are more songs where these came from – in the meantime, enjoy volume two.”