Rave On Andy White

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Year: 1986
Label: Decca/MCA


The album which started it all. Recorded in a field in County Antrim, Andy played Religious Persuasion on a roof in Belfast for BBC’s Whistle Test, the Melody Maker headline read “Yer Man’s Brilliant”, and Andy went on the road with his acoustic guitar. Features singles ‘Reality Row’ and ‘Vision of You’.

We’ve run out of the CD edition, although there are vinyl copies in our web store (above link). However, Rave on Andy White is available as part of Andy’s Studio Albums 1986–2016 twelve-CD box set, available through our web store.


  1. The Soldier’s Sash
  2. Vision of You
  3. Reality Row
  4. I Will Wait
  5. Things Start to Unwind
  6. Religious Persuasion
  7. Tuesday Apocalypse #13
  8. Rembrandt Hat
  9. The Walking Wounded
  10. The Big Rain