This garden is only temporary

Andy White Buy Now
Year: 2021
Label: ALT Recordings


  1. Another Sunny Day
  2. Tell it How You Feel
  3. Everything’s Turning White
  4. Get it Right This Time
  5. Not so Far Away
  6. I Miss You
  7. Take me Back Home
  8. Shine a Light
  9. Goodbye my Friend

 The adventures of someone arriving in a land full of possibility, Andy wrote this album in Australia and it took off when he met LA producer Steve Dierkens whilst on tour in Canada. The songs on the album were recorded in Calgary, Melbourne, and Belfast and feature Andy’s long-time collaborator Rod McVey on keys and Kent Macrae on drums.

“Arriving. Meeting. Trying to work out where home is. Leaving and remembering. Tiny movements we make on a planet spinning around the sun. This garden is only temporary.”

Another Sunny Day – All dressed up in white, when the city’s wearing black. Eden is open and St Peter wears a mask. Anything is possible.

Tell it How You Feel – Chuck Berry in the sunshine. Sweet Jane on a street corner. You got to tell it how you feel.

Everything’s Turning White – A poem about the inevitability of one afternoon. It was in the tea leaves and the playing cards.

Get it Right This Time – You can travel when you’re asleep. That’s where you meet people from your past and get to do it again a different way.

Not so Far Away – Some things are within reach when you think they’re not. “There’s always someone affirming the significance of a song … by getting through the night.” L. Cohen

I Miss You – Actors, poets and spiders have a lot in common. They all like Jim Morrison, Gene Vincent and tartan skirts.

Take me Back Home – The smell of French pancakes can take you where you want to go.

Shine a Light – There’s never a last wave, you both keep waving as you each disappear. A good luck charm.

Goodbye my Friend – Alarms, clocks, bells and notifications. One of you keeps waving as the other disappears.

Andy has a podcast taking you in detail through the songs: