A Million Miles

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Year: 2001
Label: ALT Recordings

Andy White solo concert recording, live at the 12 Bar Club in london in december 2001. Andy’s last show before leaving for Australia, the setlist was chosen online by the world wide white fanclub.

“There has been a succession of 12 Bar concerts in the past few years. Each has had its own character, ups and downs, excitement and drama. For me and hopefully for you, if you were there. The feeling of establishing myself playing in London again. Bringing some of the musicians and bands I have played with in Ireland and other parts of the world back to where I started putting out records.

People would come up with recordings made at the shows and eventually I thought I should record one properly. I am not crazy about live albums – most leave you with the feeling “you should have been there”. However, after looking after the CDs and T shirts and fans and friends at these shows, Mandy came up with an idea which I thought meant that this album would be different.

The internet e mailers who always suggest songs would choose the setlist. We would make the album an exclusive release for the fanclub. We collected the requests and drew up the running order. I asked some good friends from Yorkshire to come down and record the show. It was solo, as it had to be. Not part of a tour, just a January 19 2002 concert, just before I headed to Australia.

Now the CD is ready and it sounds just right. If you have ever wanted a solo CD of mine – this is it. Most of you will have most of the songs, but not done in this way and – hey – you chose them! You can only get the CD through the world wide white club, because it is not my new album. That is the one I should be working on right now!

I wanted to offer you something special. Coz you guys and girls are at the heart of what I do, whether you were in the club that night or not. I played a long set, so not all of the setlist was included, but the Top 18 were.

OK. Enjoy it and let me know what you think.

Lots of love and see you somewhere down six string street …”

Andy White September 2002


  1. six string street
  2. deeper water
  3. one last kiss
  4. we’re all men
  5. vision of you
  6. helsinki
  7. beautiful girl
  8. home
  9. marion girl
  10. thinking of change
  11. what about you babe
  12. jacqui
  13. it’s gonna be like this all the time
  14. reality row
  15. double bass poems
  16. birds of passage
  17. berlin 6 a.m.
  18. a million miles