Baby That’s OK

Andy White Buy Now

Year: 2015
Label: ALT Recordings

Andy’s notes on the songs:

What happened after How Things Are? Here’s the start of the story. The rest will be on ‘Imaginary Lovers’, to be released next year. In the meantime here are four tracks recorded in The Growlery for your delectation.

Baby That’s OK I started onstage at a soundcheck in a Scottish snowstorm. Finished it with my new friends the micro Korg & bass pedals. Sebastian played some killer drums and a fortnight later, here it is.

Think Of Me Like Summer
A solo version of the Fearing & White song from our second album ‘Tea And Confidences’. I wrote most of it in a lay-by on the road from Edmonton to Calgary, and we finished it on Salt Spring Island.

Getaway (Jessica Says)
Sebastian and I recorded this in a four hour session. Originally a birthday present for a dear friend (hence the bass riff) it turns the ‘How Things Are’ album track song title around. Sometimes friendship is enough.

Promises Broken
Some Instant Karma for the current Australian PM,
Tony Abbott. What a loser. “Hey Prime Minister, we’re knocking at your gate”. I lived through Thatcher and he’s more insidious. A mean-spirited man in charge of an open-hearted country. Steve Lucas plays electric and sings backing vocals.

Recorded in The Growlery, Melbourne with Sebastian White on drums – who also designed the cover.