Oak Center

Andy White
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Year: 2003
Label: ALT Recordings

The third world wide white CD was recorded on 26 March 2004 in the middle of Minnesota. In a town almost too small for Mapquest to reach – you can have a look at its website here.

With war developing in the Middle East and the right wing screaming about Mel Gibson and the film he had made about Jesus, the time was right for the passionate political speech Steven made to introduce the entertainment.

Andy White and his good friend Radoslav Lorkovic on accordion and piano took the stage and played an incredible set. As Andy says:

“Upstairs at the General Store there’s a magical room for concerts, downstairs they sell organic vegetables and great cookies. The war was on, and Steven made a serious pacifist speech. I came on, speechless, with a guitar case full of songs. Joined by good friend Radoslav, the show was recorded without me knowing it. The best way. I hope you can hear the atmosphere from wherever you are.”

Listening back, it sounded like an album for the world wide white club. We wrapped it up in brown paper especially.

Oak Center – a record of a rip-roaring concert one evening in the mid west.

Andy White August 2005


  1. twelfth july
  2. speechless
  3. religious persuasiontell me why
  4. I want it straight
  5. italian girls
  6. hysteria
  7. everything you’ve got
  8. lisa
  9. if I catch you crying
  10. jesus in a cadillac
  11. coz I’m free