Some Kind of Belfast

Andy White
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Year: 2010
Label: ALT Recordings

The new world wide white fanclub CD is based around an interview Andy did with his school chum, Irish novelist Glenn Patterson, in a Belfast bookshop earlier this year.

Andy talks in depth about the book, touring, his history, and sings songs from ‘Songwriter’ and his back catalogue, as well as reading a couple of extracts from ’21st Century Troubadour’.

The evening was filmed and we managed to get hold of the audio recording.

the CD also features recordings of andy reading poems from his soon-to-be-reissued poetry book ‘The Music Of What Happens’ – live in london, and at real world studios and windmill studios, dublin – and a song andy recorded especially for the CD called ‘Some Kind of Belfast’, which where the CD gets its title. you won’t be able to get this song anywhere else.

‘Some Kind Of Belfast’ (ALT CD 16) is available exclusively through our website. You can buy it in the Andy White Shop.

Tracklist for the album is:

  1. No Alibis interview 1.3.10 including readings and songs
  2. Up Down
  3. Helsinki
  4. Beautiful Girl Walks Out of a Bar
  5. Belfast poems
  6. Small Boy Asks Christine for a Light
  7. I am a Spanish Train
  8. Home
  9. Some Kind of Belfast