Video (dvd)

Andy White
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Year: 2007
Label: World Wide White Club

Complied exclusively for the fanclub, ‘Video’ collects Andy’s clips all the way from the original BBC Whistle Test film for ‘Religious Persuasion’ in 1985, to ‘No Way Out’ in 2007, plus an interview and surprise extras.


  1. religious persuasion
  2. reality row
  3. rembrandt hat
  4. six string street
  5. palaceful of noise
  6. street scenes from my heart
  7. we’re all men
  8. get back home
  9. hysteria
  10. let me be free
  11. tell me why
  12. the fortune teller’s right
  13. you walked back into my heart
  14. vision of you
  15. no way out
  16. extras

Andy’s notes

religious persuasion 1985
Shot by the Whistle Test in Belfast when the EP first came out, this is the music video taken from the filmed interview. I still get asked “was that you on top of the buiding in Belfast”. This proves that, yes, it was!

reality row 1986
Filmed at the Fonacab office in Belfast, and in the seaside village of Newcastle, County Down, which was our ‘borderline town’ for the night.

rembrandt hat 1985
The BBC Wogan show. This was supposed to be the A side of the first single until a last minute change. Crazy 80s stuff everywhere. Who let the cat out?

six string street 1989
When this song came out as a single on the Good Vibrations label, we played it live with the band on a Northern Irish TV show. With no budget for a video, this became the video. Rockin’!

palaceful of noise 1992
Richie Smyth has just filmed The Fly by U2 and that great Guinness advert where the guy dances round waiting for his pint to settle. I had been to East Berlin and Czechoslovakia, and wrote this song and most of Out There about it. Suddenly signed to Warners Ireland, we had the budget to go to Prague and film. This is a great clip.

street scenes from my heart 1994
You won’t have seen this – a stop-frame journey from Belfast to Dublin and a film student’s footage from gigs we played on the way. Lovingly restored from the box in my mum’s attic.

we’re all men 1995
ALT getting steamed in an Auckland sweat lodge with a load of other guys including an extremely young Liam Finn and a huge Maori bloke.

get back home 1996
Grainy black and white Belfast city centre footage, shot by the same cameraman (David Barker) who filmed Religious Persuasion. A moment in time.

hysteria 1997
Kieran Kane and I on the loose in pre-Celtic Tiger Temple Bar and playing live at the Music Centre there. Plus two of the Go-Go’s, Rodney Crowell, Jeff Healey and some zany Finnish dancers playing weird fashion accessories.

let me be free 2000
From a rooftop in Zürich to your home, this is the Andy White album version. The first sunny video, as we start moving south.

tell me why 2003
Brunswick Street Mall in Brisbane, with the sun splitting the sky. Tai Chi before breakfast and a glamorous band from Melbourne. I think we caught the feeling in the air that day.

the fortune teller’s right 2003
The second Boy 40 clip, filmed in Byron Bay. The only main street in Australia where you can walk
down the middle of the road with a guitar and people give you books of poems and demo CDs instead of yelling at you. Made it to the beach – just.

you walked back into my heart / vision of you 2006
From a BBC Northern Ireland live session with a mix of players from my Rave On and Garageband albums, and Van Morrison’s band. Quite a line-up. Playing something new and then something old – but from the same place really …

no way out 2007
I filmed this especially for you last week. It’s an epic in the Scorsese/De Niro tradition. Remember folks – you have been warned. There is no way out.