Andy White & Tim Finn album

Andy’s album with Tim Finn, ‘AT’, is on release from March 31.

You can listen on the ALT Bandcamp and order from there (with an immediate download), from your local record store, or Floating World Records in London.

There’s a video for second single The Happiness Index (the first was My Regeneration) and Andy and Tim have been interviewed online here.

You’ll find more info on the ALT/AT Facebook page plus some fun promo clips and pics.

Andy writes, “It was emotional, fun, musical and harmonious getting back together with Tim. We started off with a quote from Liam and soon ducked down the alleyway just the two of us, writing and recording in Melbourne and Auckland. Swapping ideas and stories, things just flowed. Our old friend John Leckie mixed the album in Oxfordshire and we mastered it in Abbey Road. There are sheep, cars, friends and family in the songs. Beautiful melodies from Tim and I got to stretch out in the studio. Have a listen. It’s where it’s AT!”

ALT album promo