Big Stone Live

Andy’s back in lockdown and has performed his second album Kiss the Big Stone live in the studio. The performance premiered on our Youtube channel and the concert audio is available as a high quality download on our Bandcamp site, along with the original Kiss the Big Stone CDs and vinyl.

Andy writes,

“I wrote Kiss the Big Stone on the road listening to Sign O’ The Times and I’ve always wanted to play the album all the way through on acoustic (with some studio toys). At the time we were colouring in Rave On with crayons. It was wild to play all the songs all in the same evening and like the show it went by in a flash. Thinking of those magical first times on tour in Europe & America, writing it all down … this is how it came out.

Yes there will be singing
Yes there will be ringing of bells
Lots of love to you all and take care of yourselves.”
big stone live cover