New album: This garden is only temporary

“Making this album has kept me going for the past while and I hope it’s a ray of light for you. It started off with someone arriving in a new place and is the story of what happened next. There are meetings, dreams and adventures, all happening on a tiny planet spinning around the sun.

I recorded it in Melbourne without a plan until I met Steve Dierkens in Calgary who was as excited about the album as I was. Kent Macrae and Rod McVey not only rhyme but played drums and keyboards beautifully. Sebastian White applied his artistic flair to the design and we packaged it up for you as a CD and to download. The CD has a cute poster with the solar system and the lyrics.

Official release is Jan 28 but it’s up on Bandcamp now for pre-order. The pre-order comes with Another Sunny Day and Get it Right This Time, a dream I had about playing in Belfast which will come true January 7 and 8!
I do hope you enjoy it. This garden is only temporary.”
This garden is only temporary