Rave on Andy White Live

Andy and long-time friend, keyboard player and producer Rod McVey recorded a live performance of Rave on Andy White. It premiered on YouTube, December 4 2022, and you can find it online here:


The live album is on release, contains a bonus track, and is available exclusively through Bandcamp:


The original LP version of the album, reissued on white vinyl in 2018, is also available through Bandcamp or our webstore. The CD is part of the box set collection ‘Studio Albums 1986–2016′, which you can only find in our webstore.

“I’ve hardly ever played the album all the way through, in order. It was an emotional, leaving me ragged and thankful. It was good to feel that the songs speak to any time, any place. This performance is dedicated to all the people I’ve met through the album, and everyone whom it has touched. In particular to Brendan McGarrity who drummed on the original recordings and Mudd Wallace who engineered, who are no longer with us. And Janice Long, without whom you probably would never have heard it. Rest in Peace. Hope you enjoy it. We did.”

Rave on!