New album ‘Good Luck I Hope You Make It’ on release

The revolution starts here. Andy’s first spoken word album ‘Good Luck I Hope You Make It’ is available now. The CD and LP are exclusive to our webstore and Andy’s Bandcamp.

“In lockdown I went back to reading poems and playing bass, going crazy about the things being uncovered in the Covid Inquiry and walking every day freestyling in my head. Before ‘Rave on’ I read poems with a drum machine and that’s where this album started.”

All CDs and LPs will be posted either from London or (after Jan 27) Melbourne. LPs are posted with tracking, CDs without tracking (if you would like tracking please email

The Revolution‘ is the first single from the album and the last track Andy recorded for the album. Dave Grohl is not involved. The original cast of Friends is sadly no longer available. The revolution is YOU.

AW_GL_Revolution_1500 2